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Ice golf

Every year thirty six golfers come together in Greenland to play in the World Ice Golf championship. The entire course is marked out on the ice of the frozen fjord. In fact, you should not be too surprised if you experience a few ice bergs or see a few polar bears as audience. The World Ice Golf Championship was the found by Mr. Arne Neimann, who is a local resident and hotel proprietor on a small island called Uummannaq.

In this tournament players contend with each other over two days and play thirty six holes of stroke play. The players play in an average temperature of minus fourteen degrees Celsius. The players have to play in the whites. They can use a scraper to smoothen the snow. They are supposed to wear polar ice gloves, anti glare sunglasses, artic boots and warm clothing to save themselves from the harsh climate.

One year, the Drambuie liqueur company had sponsored the game. Players and audiences were given samples of the liquor. They were served drinks in ice cubes rather than the other way round. There were ice carved tables where the trophies were laid down. It is a unique variation of the normal game of golf and worth giving a try.

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