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How about the caddie carrying a microphone?

Will the caddie carrying a microphone make the telecast more interesting for television audiences? That’s what the PGA Tour is trying to find out. Obviously, this will work only when the caddie is close enough to the player. This will make it possible for the microphone to pick up both sides of their conversation.

And then there is the issue of the willingness of the caddies. The topic was recently brought up at the PGA Tour’s annual discussion with the caddies. Some of them were concerned about being constrained in what they utter, not during the shot, but also the three hours of ‘dead time’ during a playing round.

“I know what they are trying to do; that’s good,” said the caddie for Steve Stricker, Jimmie Johnson. “I am not worried about what actually comes out of the caddie. I am more worried about what goes into the trailer.”

His argument is one that most other caddies share. Having a microphone will then pick up everything they talk during a four-hour round. None of it will make the telecast. However, they are worried guarantee that something ‘inappropriate’ that they might mention about someone in the gallery, or another player, could well be leaked.

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