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Hank Haney’s Swing Band

Hank Haney has worked with some of the world’s best players including Tiger Woods and now you can benefit from his teachings without the huge price tag!  It is now your time to learn what Hank has been teaching to over 200 professional golfers worldwide.  The new Hank Haney Swing Band is designed to slip over your wrists to teach you the correct wrist position throughout the swing.  The Swing Band will help put your wrists and arms in the correct swing plane and show you the correct grip pressure to maximize power and accuracy.  Although I think the Hank Haney Swing Bang will be a useful training tool, I know it will not be for everyone.  Hank Haney teaches a one plane swing that is that may not work for everyone.  However, if you want to swing the club on a flatter plane and you feel a one plane swing is for you, then I think you will find the Hank Haney Swing Band to be quite useful.  Over the past four seasons I have tried converting to a one place swing and I am still having some difficulties.  I picked up a demo swing band at the shop the other day and I immediately felt it working.  My arms and wrists were getting into the right position a lot quicker than before.  The Haney Swing Band is now a permanent training tool in my arsenal, order yours today!!!

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