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Good Golf Shoes Are Important For Good Golf Game

Your decision to buy golf shoes will depend on whether you walk the course or use a golf cart. If you have to walk the stretch, then you will need to have rugged shoes that are comfortable as well. But if you use a golf cart, then you can relax an bit and opt fancy stuff as they will not have to endure the same rigours.

You can choose from hard spikes and soft spikes. However, before you buy shoes with hard spikes, it would do you well if you find out your club’s policy on it. Certain clubs do not allow hard spikes as they are not too turf friendly. If your club is one of them then it is better you opt for soft spikes. Soft spikes make it easier to walk compared to hard ones.

You need to try as many golf shoes as you can before choosing the right one. Do not be in a hurry and never compromise on comfort. A round of golf can be telling on your feet. So choose comfort and convenience over fashion.


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    Are their distinct advantages of having 180$ shoes as opposed to the 39.95 synthetic leather shoes?

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