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Golf Stretching Program

A thorough golf stretching program increases your power. It also reduces any kind of risk of injury. It helps you be consistent in your pattern of swinging. The stretching program should be followed on the days in which you are not playing. Do not use it as a warm up before the game. Just as lifting heavy weights before your game starts will tire your muscles, stretching just before the game will also have negative impact.

Before starting any kind of routine stretching exercises, it is necessary that you do a thorough warm up. You can opt for 5-10 minutes of jogging or a brisk walk. This way you will be able to pump blood in your major groups of muscles and also increase your heart rate.

Whenever you are following a stretch routine, ensure that you hold each stretch for at least twenty seconds or more. Then you should relax and after that repeat it for another twenty seconds before you go on to the next one. The muscle group must feel slightly tight. You must stop immediately if you feel that you are experiencing any kind of pain. Keep breathing to ensure that your blood pressure does not increase.

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