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Golf power tips

There are many reasons why a golfer loses power and thus distance. Here are some of them with their solutions.
•    Some golfers tee the ball too low that leads to a steep downward hit. To overcome this problem, you need to tee the golf ball up, with half the ball above the top of the driver head.

•    Most golfers have too narrow a stance when setting the ball up. This leads to an unstable base, and hence as a result poor balance. To overcome this poor balance, a somewhat wider stance is used with your toes splayed out a little. The lead foot must be splayed at around 30 degrees.

•    Some golfers have a tendency to sway backwards, and not turning about a pivot point. This way the weight is excess on the outside of the back leg. Try to turn the weight only onto the inside of the trailing leg.

•    The average golfers are seen to keep their right elbow too close to their body at the top of the backswing. This results in loss of power. You need to ensure that your right elbow stays out from your body which will give you a wide arc.

This way you can improve your power to a great extent


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  1. Nathan says:

    Great tips, very informative. Thanks!!
    Nicely put together website budgetgolf.com!

  2. Thomas says:

    Hips and arms, all the golf strength you need. That and great course stamina.

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