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F2 Iron Set Review

F2 Golf has been known for making the 1st ever Face Forward golf club. They have been put on the map with their F2 Face Forward Wedge. The Concept behind the Face Forward technology is that the face is actually forward or (ahead) of the clubs hosel. The logic behind that, is you can not shank this wedge at all. I have to say they are a little different looking down on them at address. F2 carried on the success of the wedge to a new F2 Iron set. This set is available 4-pw 7 club iron set. The technology is still the same. This club is for the high handicap player or the weekend golfer who wants to have fun on the course. Pricing on this set is now at $249.95 from BudgetGolf.com These usually sell for $500. What a Deal!

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2 Responses to “F2 Iron Set Review”

  1. Kenny C says:

    The wedges play really nice, the offset design is nice and allows for fewer mis hits. Interesting to see how the other irons play with this design.

  2. Greg says:

    Hit a few of the irons today to demo. They have a nice set up to them and different then most irons.

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