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Callaway Razr XF Iron Set

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Callaway has dropped the Diablo line for 2012 and decided to focus on their Razr lineup.   Since the Razr irons were so successful, they decided to release a premium Razr iron this fall.  The new Razr XF Iron set is designed with the highest level of forgiveness and overall appearance.  The Razr XF is Callaway’s first multi-material design since the Fusion irons and provide all the technology Callaway has to offer in terms of playability and feel.  I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of the Razr XF last week and I was very impressed with the dark finish and clean appearance at address.  They boast a higher MOI than the original Razr iron and they also deliver faster ball speeds across the entire hitting surface.  The Razr XF Iron set is available in 5 iron through pitching wedge or 6 iron through sand wedge and are offered in both right and left hand.  The Razr XF Irons will begin shipping on October 14th and we expect the demand to be quite high so pre-order your new set today!

Cobra ZL Encore Driver Black

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Since the Puma takeover, Cobra has slowly begun making changes in their club lines that reflect the edgier, bolder influence that Puma has had on the company.  This year, we will see this youthful exuberance really shine through with their latest club releases.  They have artfully brought back classic clubs such as the Trusty Rusty wedges and the Long Tom driver and the new ZL Encore Driver is on pace to be the best driver they have ever made.  The ZL Encore is a refined version of the original ZL driver however this newer version incorporates their newly patented E9 Face with dual roll technology which increases ball speeds for added distance and improves the MOI for greater forgiveness.  Cobra has decided to not cut any corners with the ZL encore and the stock shaft offering is the Fujikura Motore F3. This is the real deal Motore F3 shaft that retails for over $200 and Cobra has made it clear that it is not a watered down version like many of their competitors offer in their off the rack clubs.  The ZL Encore is offered in both white and back finishes and is available in lofts ranging from 8.5 to 11.5 degrees.  The ZL Encore will ship mid-November, place your pre-book now!

Tour Edge Exotics XCG 5 Driver

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

The Exotics line from Tour Edge is one of the most underated club lines on the market.  Sure, their fairway woods get a lot of attention but rarely do we see guys gaming anything else.  This is a shame because the same technology that makes the fairway woods so great is incorporated to some degree in the remaining clubs in the Exotics family.  Hopefully the new Exotics XCG 5 Driver helps break this unfortunate pattern.  The XCG 5 Driver is offered in two distinct weight categories, a lightweight version for raw distance and a slightly heavier model for control.  They both feature Tour Edge’s patented combo brazing technology which allows engineers to have a seamless weld between the face of the driver and the crown which helps to free up weight in the clubhead.  The weight savings allows for more weight to be placed low and in the perimeter of the clubhead for an increased MOI and faster ball speeds.  When compared to other Exotics drivers, the XCG 5 features a 12% larger face for added forgiveness and a visibly sloped crown and sole for enhanced aerodynamics.  The XCG 5 will hit the door mid-November, pre-book your new driver today!

Nike VR Pro Limited Edition Driver

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Nike makes some of the most underrated products on the market and hopefully this year they will get some of the credit they deserve!  I’ll admit that I am not a fan of their Straight-fit Technology and it never belonged on their VR Tour Driver.  Nike wised up this fall and decided to leave behind the adjustable technology and put out a driver that flat out performs!  The new VR Pro limited edition driver is a classic pear shaped driver head that is designed to offer tour level distance and workability.  The VR Pro features Nike’s patented Compression Channel technology for a heightened MOI and explosive ball speeds across the entire hitting surface.  The driver is offered in 8.5*, 9.5*, and 10.5* and comes equipped with a a Mitsubishi Diamana Ahina graphite shaft.  The VR Pro Limited Edition driver is set to ship in early November and as the name states, quantities will be limited!

Nike Dunk NG Golf Shoes

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Saddle shoes have their place, but so do the new Nike Dunk NG golf shoes.  The Dunk NG golf shoe is one of the few street style golf shoes that carries a two year waterproof warranty and comes equipped with tri-lock Scorpion Stinger Spikes.  The Dunk NG is offered in a wide variety of colors and sizes and we expect demand to be very high so pre-order your pair today!!!

Bridgestone J40 Fairway Wood

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Bridgestone’s new J40 Fairway Wood complements the J40 lineup quite nicely and although it is subdued in appearance, it is quite bold in performance.  Much like the driver, the J40 fairway wood is traditionally shaped and is designed for the mid to low handicap player looking for a fairway wood that produces a penetrating trajectory yet still offers a good amount of forgiveness.  The high launch, low spin characteristic of this club as well as the high performance Project X graphite shaft makes it an ideal fit for the stronger player.  The J40 fairway is offered in lofts ranging from 14* to 18* and is only available in right hand.

Bridgestone J40 Wedges

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

I currently play Bridgestone wedges from a few years back and I am very excited to check out the new J40 wedges!  The J40 wedges feature a classic, tear drop shape that was designed through a CAD system in conjunction with Bridgestone’s touring staff.  Variable bounce technology creates low bounce on the heel and toe sole areas while the machine milled face increases the roughness of the face for added spin.  The J40 wedges are offered in a wide variety of lofts and bounce combinations and come in two distinct finishes, satin chrome and black oxide.  True Temper’s DG Spinner is the stock shaft option although more options are available through the custom department.  The J40 wedges will be ready to ship mid-October.

Bridgestone J40 445 Driver

Monday, September 19th, 2011

We are very excited to carry Bridgestone’s entire J40 line and we expect the J40 445 Driver to be the sleeper driver of the year!  The J40 445 is reminiscent of their previous J33 460 however this model is easier to hit higher and longer!  This classic, pear shaped driver head is crafted of 6-4 titanium and features a thin crown as well as thin wall construction which allows more weight to be placed along the perimeter of the club head for a a higher MOI and greater ball speeds across the entire hitting surface.  For an optimized low spin rate and a high launch angle, a stainless steel weight was placed in the heel of the club to help draw weight away from the face and lower in the head.  Rifle’s Project X graphite shaft is the stock option for the J40 however a wide variety of shafts are available through Bridgestone’s custom department.  The J40 445 is offered in lofts ranging from 9.5* to 12* and is only offered in right hand.

Cobra Long Tom Driver

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

Cobra is stepping up their game this year with multiple offerings that are modern takes on old classics. Rumor has it that Cobra is working on the 4th version of the famed, “Trusty Rusty” wedge but before that hits the market they are testing the waters with the Long Tom Driver.  The Cobra Long Tom dates back to the early 90’s and it once was one of the longest drivers on the market.  This year’s Long Tom should be no different!  The Long Tom is a 4 foot long, ultra-light beast that is designed for raw power and distance.  The club is equipped with Graffaloy’s Blackbird shaft as well as a very-light-weight grip made by Winn.  The Long Tom features the same E9 face technology as the S3 series and the club is offered in lofts ranging from 8 to 10 degrees.  The Long Tom is slated to hit the door this November, pre-book yours today!

Hirzl Trust Control Golf Glove

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Already a huge hit in Europe, the Hirzl glove is making its way to U.S. soil and we are very excited to carry such a fine golf glove!  The Hirzl Trust Control glove is constructed of premium materials and it is designed with the average player in mind.  The durable and slightly thicker kangaroo leather palm is tare resistant and the air-tech mesh allows for maximum breathability.  The greatest feature of Hirzl gloves is how much grip they provide!  Hirzl claims that the Trust Control glove provides 3x more grip in dry conditions and 5x more grip when wet.  I was fortunate enough to test this glove in a light rain last Friday and I walked away extremely impressed.  The Trust Control glove performed flawlessly and I ended up liking it much more than my Footjoy Rain Grips!  Do yourself a favor and check out the Hirzl Trust Control Golf Glove!!!