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Frogger Amphibian Tour Towel

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Check out the new Frogger Amphibian Tour Towel!  Almost double in size when compared to the standard Frogger Towel, the Tour Towel is for those brave souls who will battle even the most extreme elements to get a round in.  Measuring 20 x 20, the Tour Towel will easily act as a waterproof barrier when covering your clubs while the inside of the towel will remain dry during even the heaviest of downpours.  If you are not familiar with Frogger Towels, they are bay far the most unique golf accessory to hit the market in the last few years.  The interior of the towel features a unique bamboo cloth that holds three times more water than terry cloth and the outside of the towel is a plush cotton jacquard.  If it rains, just let the outside get wet for cleaning clubs while the inside stays dry for drying your hands and clubs!  We know this towel isn’t for everyone, but for the golfer that has everything or for the die-hards, the Frogger Amphibian Tour Towel would be a great addition to the arsenal.

Adams Golf Redline Iron Set

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Check out the new Adams Golf Redline Iron Set!  Adams has once again re-invented the Redline series and what they have is the most forgiving and customizable combination set they have made to date.  There are many great combo set options in today’s market however the customer rarely has a choice in the configuration of the set.  Already the leader in Hybrid technology, Adams decided to bridge that gap and give the consumer options!  Set make-up one consists of seven irons and one hybrid, while set make-up two features two hybrids and six irons.  The third and final option which is ultimately the most forgiving, is set make-up three which consists of three hybrids and five irons.  Regardless of the configuration you choose, the hybrid to iron transition is flawless and the set flows seamlessly as it progresses.  Since distance and playability is the primary concern in the Redline series, the newly designed hybrids deliver faster ball speeds than traditional hybrids thanks in large part to a larger head, thinner face, and longer overall length of  club.  The tri-level sole design minimizes turf interference for greater playability regardless of the lie and a 45 gram sole weight is placed low and back on the club for improved forgiveness.  While much attention has been brought  to the Redline hybrids, lets not forget about the Redline irons.  The Redline irons feature the best characteristics from the hybrids and they are then incorporated into the iron design for greater distance and forgiveness.  For enhanced feel and sound, the Redline irons feature a Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) insert and the cambered sole allows for maximum playability.  When compared to one of the hottest sets on the market, the Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0, tests have shown the Redline Irons are at least 3.6 yards longer per club than Burner Superfast 2.0 irons and Redline hybrid is 11 yards longer when compared to the Superfast 2.0 hybrid!  Treat yourself to a new set of irons and pre-order your new set of Adams Redline Irons today for a mid-May delivery!

Callaway Solaire Golf Ball Promotion!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

For a limited time, you can purchase 2 dozen Callaway Solaire Golf Balls for only $35!!!  The Solaire Golf Ball is designed to perform ideally for golfers with slower swing speeds.  The soft core offers increased carry yardage and roll out when compared to other golf balls in it’s class.  This low compression core also gives the ball a superior feel off of the club face as well as shot stopping control around the greens.  Since the Solaire was created with the ladies in mind, the ball is available in two distinct finishes including a pearlescent white and high-visibility pink.  Take advantage of this great offer now before it is too late!

Wilson Maximum Golf Balls

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Looking for an incredible deal?  How does a dozen golf balls for $6.00 sound?!!  While supplies last, we are selling Wilson Maximum Golf Balls for only $5.96 a dozen.  The Wilson Maximum Golf Ball is a two-piece high performance ball that provides excellent distance as well as great durability.  The cut-proof ionomer cover is highly resilient and fast core increases carry yardage and roll out.  Take advantage of this offer before it’s too late!  Order a few dozen Wilson Maximum Golf Balls today!

Taylormade Corza Ghost Center Shaft Putter

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Taylormade has re-designed their popular Ghost putters this season and not only did they drop the Rossa name, they changed the AGSI insert for a new surlyn Pure Roll insert that is slight firmer and promotes a truer roll.  The Corza Ghost Center Shaft putter features a mid-sized mallet head with the golf ball alignment hole as well as a single sight line in order to effortlessly line up putts.  I’ll have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of the white finish, but lately I have grown to love it!  The Taylormade Corza Ghost Center Shaft putters are in stock and ready to ship!!!

Cobra S3 White Driver

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Avid golf equipment junkies all know that Taylormade was not the first company to come up with a white driver.  In fact, Cobra released a limited run of white S2 drivers early last year however it was poor timing on their part.  Cobra was in the midst of being purchased by Puma and their marketing department failed miserably when promoting the white S2.  So the world’s largest golf company, Taylormade, seized the opportunity, created a white putter, called it the Ghost and tested the waters.  The Ghost putter launch was a huge success and was a precursor of things to come.  Within months, rumors spread of a white driver and the rest is history.  Taylormade’s R11 driver has been the most successful driver launch since the Big Bertha and Cobra’s marketing executives are definitely scratching their heads wondering where they went wrong.  Cobra is not quite ready to throw in the towel just yet, so this Spring they launched the new S3 White Driver!  The S3 White is a limited edition S3 that sports a white satin finish that frames the ball beautifully at address.  As you may already know, the S3 features Cobra’s new E9 technology which creates a 30% larger sweet spot across the entire hitting surface.  The S3 also utilizes adjustable flight technology so golfers can alter their ball flight with turn of a wrench.  The S3 White Driver comes stock with a white Aldila R.I.P graphite shaft and the club is offered in 9.5 and 10.5 degrees of loft.  Once again, the S3 White is available in limited quantities and will be available to ship late this April.

Taylormade EST 79 Classics Indy Putter

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Looking for a new putter with the latest insert technology but don’t want to break the bank?  If so, check out the new Taylormade Est. 79 classic putters.  The Est. 79 is Taylormade’s only non-Ghost putter line a features a dark, satin finish that frames the ball nicely at address.  These classic putters putters are free of any frills and for many tech junkies, they have been deemed as boring.  However, the new surlyn Pure Roll insert is anything but.  For years, Taylormade has been trying to develop an insert that promotes a truer roll by decreasing backspin and skid at impact and the Pure Roll insert does this flawlessly.   We just got these putters in our shop and I tested the Est. Classic Indy Putter and after a few putts, I didn’t want to let it go.  The insert is firm and responsive at impact and the balls comes off the face consistently every putt.  My only complaint regarding the Classic Indy is the weight.  This putter would feel so much better if the head was around 350-360 grams like many of its competitors.  Odyssey, Nike, and Titleist are all putting out putters with a heavy option and I think it is time for Taylormade to do so!  But for those that do not demand a heavier putter, I would definitely check Classic lineup out!

Bag Boy Quad 4 Wheel Golf Cart

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

4 wheels are better than 3 right?  Well, Bag Boy definitely thinks so!  The new Bag Boy Quad Wheel is one of the few 4-wheel golf carts on the market and it offers an extremely stable platform to support your golf bag regardless of the terrain you are on.  Like all other Bag Boy carts, the Quad 4 is easy to use and it folds up nicely in two easy steps within seconds!  The 4 over-sized wheels glide over the turf effortlessly and a handle mounted parking brake will keep your cart in place on steeps hills and embankments.  The front wheel base extends to accommodate golf bags of various sizes.  Don’t worry if you run out of room in your golf bag, the Quad 4 features an over-sized zippered storage bag that is conveniently located under the scorecard holder.  The scorecard holder itself is also very practical and includes a pencil holder, an umbrella holder, as well as a padded compartment for valuable items.  If you are in the market for a new cart this season that is more stable than your 3-wheel cart, check out the new Bag Boy Quad 4 Wheel Cart!!!

Callaway UPRO MX GPS

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

If you have yet to jump on the GPS bandwagon, the new Callaway UPRO MX GPS may push you over the edge!  The UPRO MX is the latest GPS unit from Callaway and it is by far their best effort yet.  Perhaps the greatest feature of the MX is the price.  For just under $200 you get one of the most accurate and feature filled GPS units on the market today.  The MX is pre-loaded with over 25,000 courses from Callaway’s global database and can be easily accessed in both basic and go-mode.  The MX has a touch-screen and is about the size and weight of a modern cell phone.  The virtual green view displays distances to the green as well as the surrounding areas.  This device also features a Pro Mode model where golfers can download hi-res aerial imagery of their course and giving players a handy fly-over feature to scope out the entire hole before teeing off.  Basic mode and Go-mode are included with the purchase of the unit however the performance of the Pro-Mode is available for an additional fee.  The Callaway UPRO MX GPS is available mid-May but we are taking pre-orders now because we are expecting the demand to be quite high.

Taylormade Ghost Tour Fontana

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

This year’s Ghost series is the second generation of Ghost Putters and boy am I glad they dropped the Rossa name from the lineup.  As much as they wanted the Rossa name to develop like Odyssey did for Callaway, it simply wasn’t working.  That is not to say that the Rossa putters were not very good, they were, and in fact the Kia Ma Rossa putters rival anything that Scotty Cameron has made in the last few years.  But, the Rossa name was confusing to customers and who really wants to market such a long product name such as, “Taylormade Rossa Ghost Tour Fontana.”  So, Taylormade dropped the Rossa name, ditched the famed the AGSI insert and simplified their lineup.  The new Ghost putters feature Taylormade’s newly patented Titallium Pure Roll insert which provides a firmer feel and a truer roll than the AGSI and the gray insert also looks a lot more natural against the Ghost white finish.  The Ghost Tour Fontana is a heel shafted mallet putter that is easy to square up and boasts three alignment aids on the back flange.  We just got these putters in and they are ready to ship!!!