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Tour Edge Bazooka JMAX Gold Hybrid

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Tour Edge has been making the JMAX hybrids for quite some time now and thier latest effort may be their best.  The new and improved Tour Edge JMAX Golf Hybrid is forged rather than cast which makes this hybrid feel great at impact and golfers will also notice a higher launch angle due to the two-piece construction.  A forged crown and a hyper steel body maximizes weight distrubution to launch the ball easily into the air.  The forged steel crown is thinner and denser than the previous cast walls which provides a lower center of gravity and also enhances ball speed across the entire hitting surface.  This new JMAX Gold Hybrid is cleary better than any previous JMAX hybrid and if you are worried that the new Gold hybrid will not match your previous models, you have nothing to worry to about since the top lines are nearly identical.  Another great feature of the Jmax Gold is the price!  For $59.95 you would be hard pressed to find a better hybrid. 

Asher Death Grip Golf Glove

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

2010 has been the year of breaking all traditional golfing norms in terms of style and technology.  Golf bags and apparel have gotten bolder, drivers more adjustable, and we are now seeing high performance golf shoes without spikes.  Well, for those who want to push the limits even further and turn the noses of stuffy country clubbers, all you have to do is bring the new Asher Death Grip Golf Glove to the course.  The Asher Death Glove features a skeletal print on the back synthetic portion of the glove and the leather palm is adorned with a skull.  If you want something that will definitley make an impression on your playing partners, give the Death Grip golf glove a try!

Mizuno Aerolite X Stand Bag

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Rarely am I this excited about a golf bag, but the new Mizuno Aerolite X Stand Bags look amazing.  Mizuno has shed their conservative skin and opted for a design that would appeal to a younger crowd.  This limited run of Aerolite X stand bags feature bold colors and flashy designs and the prints are quite remarkable in person. My personal favorite would be the “Winged Shield” bag which has a blue and black abstracted inkblot design and “Digargyle” bag has a contrasting charcoal arglye print that really grabs your eye.   The Aerolite X still has the same features and conveniences of the original Aerolite stand bags including an 8.5″ 7-way top with full length dividers, an AeroStrap shoulder harness, and AirFlow hip pad, a rain hood and a hydro sleeve.  I am very pleased to see a company like Mizuno making youthful, stylish golf bags and I hope the trend continues.  These bags are limited so if you are interested, I would hop this unique opportunity right now! 

Adams Speedline 9064 LS DFS Driver

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

A couple years ago, most people thought that modern drivers had hit a glasss cieling, especialy after the moveable weight technology phase.  However that was not the case.  Taylormade, Callaway, Cobra, and Titleist have come up with a way to customize their woods to meet the needs of the games most advanced players.  Lately, Adams Golf has been on the forefront of driver design and this week they announced the lanuch of their new customizable driver.  The new Adams Speedline 9064 LS DFS Driver features a new distance fitting system that allows golfers to adjust the face angle, loft, and length of the golf club.  This type of custimazation is unheard of in the golf industry.  Adams was also able to improve the aerodymanics qualities of this head and they have claimed to increase carry yardage by an astunding 15 yards.  By creating a head with less drag, golfers will able to achieve a greater amount of clubhead speed.  A deeper face with increased MOI creates a more piercing trajectory which also leads to the massive yardage gains that players are seeing with this new design.  Like the rest of the Speedline series, the 9064LS features a deep face and a square face angle that helps frame the ball inspiring confidence at address.  If you want one of the most innovative drivers on the market, I highly suggest you give the new Adams Speedline 9064 LS DFS Driver a try!!!!

Mizuno Aerolite Micro Stand Bag

Monday, September 20th, 2010

If you looking for a new ultra-light golf bag, I would check out the 2010 Mizuno Aerolite Micro Stand Bag.  The Aerolite Micro bag weighs in at a mere 3 pounds and unlike many bags in it’s class, the Aerolite hangs naturally from your shoulders thanks to Mizuno’s comfortable Aerostrap harness.  The 6″ 4-way top easily accommodates 14 clubs and I was nicely surprised that when I tested the bag in the shop none of the clubs stuck together.  Other nice features that are generaly not included in bags in this weight range include a comfortable hip pad, a Mizuno cable grip, a rainhood, and a Hydrosleeve.  And like many of the new Mizuno golf bags, the Aerolite Micro is offered in a variety of flashy color options.  For the price, you would be hard pressed to find another golf bag that is this lightweight and well crafted.

Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy Fairway Wood

Friday, September 17th, 2010

The new Tour Edge Exotics Trilogy Fairway Wood is a modern day version of the original Cobra Baffler.  Like the Baffler, the Trilogy Fairway Wood features a large diamond shaped inner railthat perform as rudder that guides the club face into a square position at impact while minimizing divots for easier to hit shots.  This unique sole design also features two outer rails that help stabilize the head at impact for greater shot performance from a wide variety of lies and turf conditions.  These revolutionary diamond rails are not the only modern advancement with this classic club design.  The Trilogy also features CAD frequency analysis technology which measures the natural frequency of a selected part to make it more efficient.  This technology is generally used in car design however with golf clubs, it is used to measure the vibration of the club head.  This allows engineers to measure varying frequencies as the weighting and wall thickness of the head is adjusted and when used in the Trilogy, this means extreme weighting in the sole and walls of the club for maximum power and forgiveness.  Like the previous Exotics models, the Trilogy features the same elliptical variable face thickness which delivers proven forgiveness and distance from more points on the face for longer more accurate shots.  The Exotics Trilogy Fairway Wood comes equipped with a Graphite Design Tour AD 60 shaft and the club is offered in lofts ranging from 13* to 21*. 

Mizuno MP 63 Irons

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Mizuno has done it again!  The new MP 63 irons are simply stunning and I will state without any hesitation that they are the best looking forged players cavity back to be released in quite some time.  The MP 63 is designed for the better player that is looking for the ultimate combination of feel and maximum ball control which has been made possible thanks to Mizuno’s newly patented Diamond Muscle Design.  From address, the MP 63 sports the same iconic profile and grain flow forging process that the games top players have come to know and trust.  Various new designs were tested by Mizuno Engineers, staff players including Luke Donald, and the Diamond Muscle was the clear winner.  The trailing edge has been ground down for better turf interaction giving players greater versatility throughout the set and the progressive “players cavity” ensures playability in the long irons and control in the scoring irons.  If you are in the market for a new set of forged player’s cavity backs, you will not be disappointed with the Mizuno MP 63.  I already have a custom set of these irons on order along with their new MP T-11 wedges, order your new set today!

Mizuno Rider Cart Bag

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

In the past, we never sold that many Mizuno golf bags however that all changed last season when they revamped their bag lineup.  Their bags were generally only offered in the patented Mizuno Blue and white and within a season the colors would fade and you would be stuck looking for another golf bag.  Well, things have changed at Mizuno and they are now committed to making golf bags that are on the same level as their clubs.  They still offer almost every style bag in the standard blue and white, however they are now offering the bags in a multitude of colors and unlike the bags of old, the news one are more durable and do not fade after one season!  The new Mizuno Rider Cart Bag is large yet it still weighs in under 10 pounds and features a 9.5″, 14-way top with full length dividers.  A soft, rolled cuff protects your graphite shafted clubs from bag wear and the full length dividers reduce the amount of bag chatter so your shiny forged Mizuno irons will not clank together and get banged up.  An external putter shaft keeps your putter separate from your clubs for easy access and added putter protection.  Other handy features include a chiller pocket to keep your beverages cold, a pelican pocket to store extra apparel, a glove grip, a range finder pouch and a matching rain hood.  All in all, the Rider Cart Bag is perfect for Mizuno enthusiasts looking for a bag that is stylish and functional and proudly displays their passion for some of the finest clubs in the game.

Mizuno MP T-11 Wedge

Friday, September 10th, 2010

So far I love the new line of clubs coming from the Mizuno camp late this season.  And although I do like the look of their new irons, I am most excited for the reworked MP T-11 wedges.    These Grain Flow Forged wedges are similar in shape and size to the previous design however the grind on the sole of the wedge is more aggressive and features more heel and toe relief.  The quad cut grooves now conform to the USGA rules and the faces have been CNC milled for consistency and maximum spin. (more…)

Mizuno Aerolite IV Stand Bag

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

In the past we never sold many Mizuno stand bags, however that all changed with the introduction of the Aerolite Golf Bag.  The Aerolite was one of our best selling golf bags this summer and the new Aerolite IV bags we just received are even better than the original.  The new Aerolite IV golf bag features many of the characteristics of the later model but the Aerolite IV features an improved stand mechanism for added stability and functionality.  Comfort was also a major focal point with this version and golfers will be pleased with the improved aero-strap and hip-pad.  The remaining parts of this bag remained the same and I am especially happy they did not alter the near perfect Kabuki 7-way divider top.  The Mizuno Aerolite IV Stand Bag is available in a wide variety of colors, order your new golf bag today!