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Correcting Golf Slice

One of the most difficult tasks that many golfers face is learning how they can fix a slice. A slice is created when a clubface remains somewhat open at the point of impact. Two major reasons for a slice is – your grip and/or your swing path. Most often than not, a slice happens when you start with an inappropriate grip. For the correct grip, you need to turn your hand around so that your left thumb remains more to the back of the shaft. It should also be more on top of the grip. The right hand needs to face the direction you want the ball to go.

You can use the “two-tee” drill to ensure that you have the correct grip. You will need to insert a tee into the gap between the first finger of your left hand and the thumb. Repeat the same thing for your right hand. If both tees are on line then you have the correct grip. Many golfers have a tendency to come over the top and hit across the ball at the point of impact. This makes the ball slice. You can overcome this defect by making sure that the clubface is square at the point of impact. You need to practice the drills regularly to ensure that you get rid of the slice.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Is a slice more easier to fix then a hook? What is more common among players?

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