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Cobra Trusty Rusty Satin Wedge

Phil Rogers is back and has once again partnered up with Cobra to bring back the Trusty Rusty Wedge!  The 4th generation Trusty Wedge features many of the same design concepts of the previous models however modern technology has brought them to a completely new level.  The modernized Trusty Rusty Satin Wedge features a satin chrome finish but the scoring area was left un-plated and comes pre-rusted direct from the factory.  The tri-bounce sole improves turf interaction and makes each loft more versatile from a wide variety of turf conditions.  The addition of aggressive, laser milled grooves helps to create greater spin rates for shot stopping control and consistency.  The Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges are offered in 51*, 55*, and 59* in right hand only.  We expect the demand for the Trusty Rusty wedges to be very high, place a pre-order now for a mid-December delivery date!

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