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Cleveland 588 RTG Tour Issued Wedge

Now is your chance to own genuine tour issued wedges that are straight from the PGA Tour Van.  For a limited time, Budget Golf is offering an incredible deal on real deal Cleveland Tour Issued RTG wedges!  The Cleveland 588 RTG Tour Issued wedges are some of the most famed wedges in the game and for many of the games greatest players, there is nothing else they would even consider using.  The 588 Tour issued wedges offer all the same performance characteristics that all players of the game have come to know and love however the tour issued wedges feature a wide variety of grinds and loft combinations that are not offered to average Joe.  The RTG finish is great and provides a glare free address position and the abrasive finish also increases the amount of spin at impact.  For those looking for a unique set of wedges that have the potential to be completely custom tuned to your game, give these Tour Issued 588 RTG Wedges a try, you will not regret it!!!

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