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Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The Velocity is the latest golf ball from Titleist and we couldn’t be more excited over it’s launch!  The new Titleist Velocity replaces the NXT in Titleist’s golf ball line and features industry leading technology and a world-class manufacturing process.  The Velocity benefits players looking for explosive distance and a deep downrange peak trajectory off of the tee and enough feel to get around the greens comfortably.  The Velocity features the fastest core Titleist has ever produced thanks to their newly patented LSX Core Technology.  High surface dimple coverage delivers a tight, consistent trajectory and the speed enhanced and spin reducing NaZ2 cover gives the ball a very playable feel in the short game.  So far player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we expect the Titleist Velocity to do very well!

Wilson Staff FG Tour X

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Wilson continues to make some of the most underrated golf balls on the market and we find it a shame that their FG Tour ball does not receive the attention it deserves.  For 2012, Wilson is expanding the FG Tour line and is now offering a low spin option for high-spin Wilson loyalists.  The new FG Tour X is designed for the high-spin player that is looking for more distance off of the tee and a slightly firmer feel at impact while still delivering shot-stopping control.  The FG Tour X is available now!

Srixon Jr. Star Golf Balls

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Finally, a golf ball suited for junior golfers!  Srixon’s new Jr. Star Golf Ball is a high performance 2 piece golf ball that is designed to enhance the ball flight of  younger players.  This low compression golf ball will fly higher, further, and spin more than a traditional golf ball.  The Jr. Star balls also include a package of ball markers and tees!

Wilson Staff Duo Golf Balls

Monday, October 17th, 2011

For 2012, Wilson is releasing their answer to Titleist’s popular NXT golf balls.  The Wilson Staff Duo is a high performance two-piece golf ball that is designed to be long off of the tee and soft around the greens.  Distance will be comparable to the NXT however the DUO really shines with how it feels at impact.  The Duo’s compression rating is about 40 points lower than the NXT so golfers will now be able to play a soft golf ball without sacrificing distance!  The Wilson Staff DUO will be released in early November.

Srixon Q-Star Golf Balls

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

The new Srixon Q-Star Golf Ball is Srixon’s answer to Bridgestone’s B330RX and RXS golf balls.  The Q-Star is a high-performance golf ball designed for the average player looking for the ultimate in spin, distance, control, and feel.  As with all Srixon golf balls, the Q-Star is very responsive and the acceleration off of the club face is outstanding, especially for players with swing speeds ranging from 80-95 mph.  Performance aside, perhaps the best feature of this ball is the price!  Players can now purchase a tour-level golf ball for less than $30 per dozen!

Srixon Soft Feel Ball Promotion

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

We have many exciting offers going on this spring and I  wanted to share one of our recent Srixon Golf Ball promotions.  Srixon Golf Balls are hot this season and for those looking for a distance ball that will still spin on approach shots and feel good off of the putter, look no further than the Srixon Soft Feel!  This ball will fly high with reduced spin off of the driver and will check up around the green. If you are accustomed to playing the Titleist NXT  or the Callaway HX golf balls, I would highly recommend checking these out.  Besides being $5 less than it’s nearest competitors, for a limited time, the purchase of a dozen Srixon Soft Feel golf balls gets you a FREE Srixon hat!  This is over a $20 value, so take advantage now before it is too late!

Callaway Solaire Golf Ball Promotion!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

For a limited time, you can purchase 2 dozen Callaway Solaire Golf Balls for only $35!!!  The Solaire Golf Ball is designed to perform ideally for golfers with slower swing speeds.  The soft core offers increased carry yardage and roll out when compared to other golf balls in it’s class.  This low compression core also gives the ball a superior feel off of the club face as well as shot stopping control around the greens.  Since the Solaire was created with the ladies in mind, the ball is available in two distinct finishes including a pearlescent white and high-visibility pink.  Take advantage of this great offer now before it is too late!

Wilson Maximum Golf Balls

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Looking for an incredible deal?  How does a dozen golf balls for $6.00 sound?!!  While supplies last, we are selling Wilson Maximum Golf Balls for only $5.96 a dozen.  The Wilson Maximum Golf Ball is a two-piece high performance ball that provides excellent distance as well as great durability.  The cut-proof ionomer cover is highly resilient and fast core increases carry yardage and roll out.  Take advantage of this offer before it’s too late!  Order a few dozen Wilson Maximum Golf Balls today!

Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Balls

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

If you are in the market for a high performance golf ball without the high performance price, look no further than the new Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Ball.  The HX Tour Diablo combines the technology from the HX Bite for control, spin and feel and it borrows the powerful distance of the HX Hot Plus.  This ideal combo gives you a ball that soars off of the tee and bites when it hits the greens.  This ball utilizies Callaway’s new Power Reaction Core which is firmer on the edges and gradually gets softer on the inside which helps to create less spin on drives and more spin on approach shots.  The HX Diablo also features Callaway’s patented HEX dimpe design which is used to reduce drag and offer unwavering performance in the wind.  For $25.95, you will not find a better performing golf ball.  We just got these in at our shop and I already grabbed a few dozen for myself, now the snow just needs to melt.

Callaway HX Diablo Golf Balls

Monday, March 7th, 2011

If you want the perfect combination of excellent distance and feel, check out the new Callaway HX Diablo Golf Balls.  I have long been a fan of Callaway golf balls and I generally find that their budget friendly ball lineup usually over delivers on performance.  Hopefully, the HX Diablo will continue this trend.  The HX Diablo features a proprietary core that is highly resilient at a very soft compression which increases ball velocity for increased distance while still maintaining a very soft feel.  A thin ionomer cover helps to reduce spin off of the tee and increases responsiveness on shorter shots as well as on the putting surface.  This Diablo ball also features Callaway’s HEX technology which replaces conventional dimples with hexagonal shaped ones which helps to reduce drag and produce a more penetrating ball flight.  Ringing at under $20, I think you would be hard pressed to find another golf ball with these performance attributes.  Order a few dozen Callaway HX Diablo Golf Balls today!