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Mizuno Aerolite X Stand Bag

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Rarely am I this excited about a golf bag, but the new Mizuno Aerolite X Stand Bags look amazing.  Mizuno has shed their conservative skin and opted for a design that would appeal to a younger crowd.  This limited run of Aerolite X stand bags feature bold colors and flashy designs and the prints are quite remarkable in person. My personal favorite would be the “Winged Shield” bag which has a blue and black abstracted inkblot design and “Digargyle” bag has a contrasting charcoal arglye print that really grabs your eye.   The Aerolite X still has the same features and conveniences of the original Aerolite stand bags including an 8.5″ 7-way top with full length dividers, an AeroStrap shoulder harness, and AirFlow hip pad, a rain hood and a hydro sleeve.  I am very pleased to see a company like Mizuno making youthful, stylish golf bags and I hope the trend continues.  These bags are limited so if you are interested, I would hop this unique opportunity right now! 

Mizuno Aerolite Micro Stand Bag

Monday, September 20th, 2010

If you looking for a new ultra-light golf bag, I would check out the 2010 Mizuno Aerolite Micro Stand Bag.  The Aerolite Micro bag weighs in at a mere 3 pounds and unlike many bags in it’s class, the Aerolite hangs naturally from your shoulders thanks to Mizuno’s comfortable Aerostrap harness.  The 6″ 4-way top easily accommodates 14 clubs and I was nicely surprised that when I tested the bag in the shop none of the clubs stuck together.  Other nice features that are generaly not included in bags in this weight range include a comfortable hip pad, a Mizuno cable grip, a rainhood, and a Hydrosleeve.  And like many of the new Mizuno golf bags, the Aerolite Micro is offered in a variety of flashy color options.  For the price, you would be hard pressed to find another golf bag that is this lightweight and well crafted.

Mizuno Rider Cart Bag

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

In the past, we never sold that many Mizuno golf bags however that all changed last season when they revamped their bag lineup.  Their bags were generally only offered in the patented Mizuno Blue and white and within a season the colors would fade and you would be stuck looking for another golf bag.  Well, things have changed at Mizuno and they are now committed to making golf bags that are on the same level as their clubs.  They still offer almost every style bag in the standard blue and white, however they are now offering the bags in a multitude of colors and unlike the bags of old, the news one are more durable and do not fade after one season!  The new Mizuno Rider Cart Bag is large yet it still weighs in under 10 pounds and features a 9.5″, 14-way top with full length dividers.  A soft, rolled cuff protects your graphite shafted clubs from bag wear and the full length dividers reduce the amount of bag chatter so your shiny forged Mizuno irons will not clank together and get banged up.  An external putter shaft keeps your putter separate from your clubs for easy access and added putter protection.  Other handy features include a chiller pocket to keep your beverages cold, a pelican pocket to store extra apparel, a glove grip, a range finder pouch and a matching rain hood.  All in all, the Rider Cart Bag is perfect for Mizuno enthusiasts looking for a bag that is stylish and functional and proudly displays their passion for some of the finest clubs in the game.

Mizuno Aerolite IV Stand Bag

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

In the past we never sold many Mizuno stand bags, however that all changed with the introduction of the Aerolite Golf Bag.  The Aerolite was one of our best selling golf bags this summer and the new Aerolite IV bags we just received are even better than the original.  The new Aerolite IV golf bag features many of the characteristics of the later model but the Aerolite IV features an improved stand mechanism for added stability and functionality.  Comfort was also a major focal point with this version and golfers will be pleased with the improved aero-strap and hip-pad.  The remaining parts of this bag remained the same and I am especially happy they did not alter the near perfect Kabuki 7-way divider top.  The Mizuno Aerolite IV Stand Bag is available in a wide variety of colors, order your new golf bag today!

Datrek Sentry Cart Bag

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

There are many high quality golf bags on the market right now and picking one is not an easy choice.  When it comes to quality, durability, and affordability, Datrek has always been at the top.  However, up until this year, Datrek has always lacked in the style department.  In an effort to meet market demands, Datrek has dropped their “old man country club” image and have finally started to incorporate flashier designs and color patterns.  Their new line of golf bags feature high contrasting color options while still providing the same durability and performance that golfers have come to expect from Datrek. (more…)

Datrek Avenger Cart Bag

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Datrek is back this year and with them they are bringing some quality golf bags that are high on style and performance and light on price.  The new Datrek Avenger Cart Bag is the lightest, most functional cart bag on the market today!  The new Datrek Avenger Cart Bag features a 10″, 14-way top with individual full length dividers that will keep your clubs separated so they do not clank into each other.  Although this bag is very light weight for a cart bag, that does not mean golfers will have to sacrifice space.  Seven spacious pockets provide ample storage capacity that include dual apparel pockets, a fleece lined valuables pouch, an insulated cooler pocket, and a front ball pocket that can be embroidered. (more…)

Cleveland Tour Cart Bag

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Want a new cart bag to match your new Cleveland sticks?  If so, I would definitely check out the new Cleveland Tour Cart Bag.  This new Cleveland cart bag is inspired by the same bags used by today’s top touring professionals.  Unlike tour staff bags, the Tour Cart Bag is engineered to fit golf carts and features a 10″, 14-way reversed top.  This spacious opening gives your clubs plenty of room and will help reduce the amount of bag chatter so your irons will not get all scratched or dinged up. (more…)

Datrek Spitfire Stand Bag

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The new Datrek Spitfire Stand Bag is the lightest stand bag Datrek has to offer.  The Spitfire is a sporty bag with bright color options and boasts an ultra lightweight frame that is engineered for the walking golfer.  The Spitfire features a 9″ six way top with individual full-length dividers.  Unlike many stand bag in it’s class, the Spitfire has a flexible bottom that sits flat in any position for maximum stability. (more…)

Datrek Raptor Cart Bag

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Budget Golf is very excited about the new Datrek golf bags for 2010.  The company has revamped their lineup and they are finally meeting the demand for sporty looking golf bags with flashy colors while still providing the same amount of durability and performance that golfers from around the globe have come to expect from Datrek.  Of all the new cart bags to hit the market this year, I have to say I like the Raptor bag the most.  The Datrek Raptor is a high-performance cart bag that is meant to haul it all. (more…)

Datrek Assault Cart Bag

Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

The new Datrek line of golf bags are HOT and since we received them in, we have had a hard time keeping them in stock!  The Datrek Assault bag is their flagship cart bag and features everything but the kitchen sink.  This high-performance cart bag is big on style and features.  A 10″ 14-way top with full length dividers provide ample space for your clubs and the spacing of the dividers reduces the amount of bag chatter so yours clubs will not get all chipped up.  The Assault has nine spacious pockets and two fleece lined valuables pockets. (more…)