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From the Last Swing until Next Spring: Making the Most of the Golf Offseason

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

winter-golfUnless you live in the South, the leaves changing signals many things. Everything is flavored with pumpkin spice, Halloween decorations are everywhere you look, and the golf season is coming to a close.

The end of the season doesn’t have to mean your clubs and spikes find their way into the dark recesses of your garage. Just as any dedicated athlete should, many golfers treat the golf offseason as “preseason”, and use the opportunity to hone skills they don’t have time to focus on during the season. They hit the gym, watch what they eat, and carry a wedge and ping pong balls with them in their trunk. But here we are giving it all away too soon…

Here are our tried and true ways to make the most of the off-season!

    1. Lay off the egg nog. Even an extra 5–10 pounds at the start of next season will throw off your swing and prevent your hips from fully rotating. You can also maintain your weight by cutting your portions or reducing your caloric intake by 500.
    2. Grab your yoga mat. Getting and staying limber is crucial to keeping your hips flexible, increasing the length and effectiveness of your swing. Stretching and activating your core muscles, as only yoga can do, will help keep you in shape and flexible throughout the offseason.
    3. Brush up on your putting. Set up a putting practice area in your home, in your office, anywhere you have the space. Watch putting videos in your down time, then put them to use as often as possible. Here are a few to get you started:
      1. Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 3.26.56 PM

        Martin Hall Putting Drills At Home – School of Golf

      2. Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 7.01.59 PM

        Three Putting Drills to Try at Home

    4. Drills. Drills. Drills.
      1. The Line Drill: This can be done with or without hitting golf balls. You will need a line on the carpet that is perpendicular to the target line. Straddle the line as you take your golf stance and start making some short swings. The line on the carpet will be in the middle of your stance. Notice where the club lands on the carpet as it sweeps through. A good ball-striker will always sweep the carpet just on the target side of the line. This is the key to good ball-striking.
      2. Hit Ping-Pong Balls: Using a wedge and ping-pong balls, you can expand your imagination all winter long. The lighter ball will exaggerate any spin you put on the ball. During halftime of a football or basketball game, hit some little chips around the house and learn how to use the club to hit different shots. This is a great way to pay some attention to your short game even if there is snow on the ground.
    5. Head somewhere warm! The best way to beat the wintertime blahs, and keep your golf game in peak condition, is to book a trip to a golf resort in a warmer region. One of our Facebook community’s favorites is Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Arizona. Not only will you have two championship golf courses to choose from, but the warm weather, fine dining, slots and tables, live entertainment, and luxury suites will restore your soul as well as your game! Click for details
Screen Shot 2016-10-13 at 3.37.22 PM

Talking Stick Golf Resort in Scottsdale, AZ


How Topgolf is Revolutionizing the Sport From the Ground Up

Friday, May 27th, 2016

“Where the Competition of Sport Meets Your Favorite Local Hangout”

The time has come where the sport of golf isn’t exclusively a businessman’s sport, a “rich man’s game”, or for “gentlemen only”. It’s gaining popularity at a rapid rate, shedding its exclusivity, and becoming a sport that knows no race, religion, or income level. The catalyst for that change largely in part is Topgolf.

What IS Topgolf?


A typical bay at a Topgolf facility

From the Topgolf website: “Topgolf is the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout. Players hit golf balls containing computer microchips that track each shot’s accuracy and distance while also awarding points for hitting targets on the outfield. Each venue offers an upscale, laid-back experience that features climate-controlled hitting bays, event spaces for groups of all sizes, and an impressive food and drink menu.”

If you haven’t had the pleasure of attending an event at a local Topgolf, or played there with a group of your friends, the concept is simple to explain. For a regular Topgolf match, players score points by hitting balls assigned using microchip technology into any target. The more accurate your shot and the farther the distance, the more points you earn.

They have several types of games and matches you can play, including:

Top Scramble.

Beginner, and experienced golfers compete mano-a-mano on a level playing field. Players are split into teams, and the best score on each ball is used as the score for the team.

Top Chip.

For fans of the short game, TopChip uses just the red target (five shots), yellow target (five shots) and green target (10 shots). Hit the correct target and you’ll score points, but hit the wrong one and see your points disappear.

Top Score.

This high-scoring version of Topgolf rewards you for going big. The farther the target you hit and the closer you get to the center flag, the higher the multiple of points you’ll receive.

Top Pressure.

Test your touch and accuracy by hitting all nine sections within the yellow target. Close out the first level, then see point values multiply during levels two and three. Be careful not to hit the same section twice or you’ll lose points.

Top Drive.

Break out your big guns, and take aim at our farthest targets. Not for the faint of heart, this game challenges even the most experienced and powerful drivers.

Top Shot.

Similar to TopChip, this game challenges you to hit the targets at four consecutive distances (five shots each). The starting target you choose (red, yellow or green) determines the game’s level of difficulty.

Groups of players can reserve a bay in a local Topgolf for as low as $30, and enjoy the game and one another’s company in their own climate-controlled area. Food and beverages are delivered straight to you and your guests, and they have a great selection of both.

“The overall Topgolf concept is bringing potential new players to the game in great numbers. According to reports, 8 million people played at a Topgolf in 2015, and more than half had previously never taken a swing.

This influx of new golfers has caught the attention of PGA and LPGA executives, and the three entities have now begun cross-promoting their services and events.

If you’re looking to plan an event, and aren’t sure what venue to choose, Topgolf may be your answer. Absolutely NO golf experience is required, and they offer food and beverage packages for medium to large groups.



Yes Golf Sophia Putter

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

For those who may not know, Yes Putters are now owned by Adams Golf.  Adams was looking for a way to validate their putter lineup and the opportunity to purchase Yes was too good to pass up!  Adams has given Yes putters a fresh start and we are very excited to have the new lineup at our shop!  The new Yes Sophia Putter is their  modern take on one of the oldest, and most successful putter designs.  This classic heel-shafted blade weighs in at 322 grams and features Yes’s patented C-Groove Roll Technology.  A satin, glare-free finish frames the ball great at address and inspires confidence on those swinging twelve footers.  The Yes Sophia is available in lengths ranging from 32″ and 35″ and for now is only offered in right hand.

Adams Speedline Super XTD Fairway Wood

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

I was able to check out Adams Golf’s new Speedline Super XTD Fairway Wood over the weekend at a local demo day and I walked away very impressed!  This may be the perfect fairway wood!  The Speedline Super XTD Fairway Wood sets up very clean at address and the face depth inspires confidence from both the fairway and the tee.  When compared to the Fast 12 Fairway Wood, the Super XTD features a 14% hotter face thanks to the titanium construction and dual velocity slot technology.  Precision milled tungsten heel-toe weighting provides a low center of gravity for increased MOI and higher launch conditions and the forged titanium crown and body increases ball speeds and overall performance.  Tour inspired sole geometry improves turd interaction and the premium Mitsubishi Fubuki graaohite shaft provides consistency and a high, piercing trajectory.  This Speedline Super XTD is easily the best fairway wood Adams has ever created and it has already made its way into multiple bags on the PGA Tour.  In fact, Kenny Perry had to game this club in a 5 wood as opposed to a 3 wood because he hit the 15* too far!

Tour Edge HT Max-D Custom Package Set

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

The new Tour Edge HT Max-D Custom Package Set is the first custom package set on the market!  For the first time ever, golfers can select all the options they want so their complete set can be custom tailored to their needs.  This set is available in Mens,Ladies, and Senior and it is available in both right and left hand.  Included in the set is a driver, 2 fairway woods, 2 hybrids, 6 irons, a putter and a bag however the set makeup is entirely up to you from the driver lofts to the color and style of the golf bag!  Budget Golf has made it very easy to order this custom package set on our website, simply select your options and checkout!

Cobra Baffler T-Rail Hybrids

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Cobra’s new Baffler T-Rail Hybrids have hit the door!  The new Baffler T-Rail features an oversize profile and is equipped with Cobra’s tungsten rail sole design.  The tungsten sole rails help the club head glide effortlessly through the turf while also lowering the center of gravity for approach shots that launch high and land soft.  The Baffler T-Rail Hybrid looks great address thanks in large part to the sleek, black finish and the shallow face profile.  This was one of our favorite hybrids at the PGA Show and we expect this club to be a top seller this season!

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

The Velocity is the latest golf ball from Titleist and we couldn’t be more excited over it’s launch!  The new Titleist Velocity replaces the NXT in Titleist’s golf ball line and features industry leading technology and a world-class manufacturing process.  The Velocity benefits players looking for explosive distance and a deep downrange peak trajectory off of the tee and enough feel to get around the greens comfortably.  The Velocity features the fastest core Titleist has ever produced thanks to their newly patented LSX Core Technology.  High surface dimple coverage delivers a tight, consistent trajectory and the speed enhanced and spin reducing NaZ2 cover gives the ball a very playable feel in the short game.  So far player feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we expect the Titleist Velocity to do very well!

Callaway RAZR Fit Driver

Monday, January 30th, 2012

I just got back from the PGA Show in Orlando, Florida this weekend and besides the Taylormade RocketBallz Fairway Wood, the hottest new product at the show was Callaway’s new Razr Fit Driver!  The Razr Fit is the 2nd generation of Razr drivers and it is Callaway’s first ever adjustable driver!  Already a Golf Medal winner and Product of the Year in this year’s Golf Digest Hot List, the Razr Fit features Callaway’s patented OptiFit Technology which allows players to adjust both the face angle and either draw or neutral weighting.  I was very impressed with the OptiFit technology and unlike many adjustable drivers in the market, the hosel looks very natural and the club looks great in the address position.  One of the reason that Callaway held off so long on bringing a fully adjustable driver to the market was that the engineers felt that the additional weight of the hosel negatively impacts the performance of the clubhead.  Thanks to Callaway’s lightweight, yet durable forged composite material, engineers at Callaway were able to provide the best of both of worlds!  This forged composite material in the crown of the clubhead is lighter and stronger than titanium and allows for precision thickness control to optimize the center of gravity.  For added forgiveness, the Razr Fit incorporates Speed Frame face technology in order to create a large sweet spot that generates high ball speeds for long, consistent distance.  The Razr Fit driver comes equipped with a premium Aldila RIP NV Shaft and the driver is offered in lofts ranging from 8.5* to 11.5*.  Overall, I think that the Razr Fit is the best driver Callaway has ever produced and I expect this model to be one of the best selling drivers of 2012!

Cleveland Classic 290 Driver

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Check out this new blast from the past!  Cleveland Golf is pleased to announce the release of the new Cleveland  Classic 290 Driver!

Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Adam’s new Speedline Fast 12 Driver is sure to be a hit!  The Fast 12 is their longest, most forgiving driver yet thanks to new industry leading aerodynamic technology.  Adams used airfoil design elements on the both the crown and sole and were able to reduce drag by a whopping 14% and increase club head speed by 3 mph!  The Fast 12 driver comes equipped with a new Grafalloy Prolaunch shaft that features a unique Speed Coat Finish that also helps to reduce drag.  The Adams Fast 12 Driver is available in early February!