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Callaway RAZR X Forged Irons

Last fall it was the Diablo Octane Driver and this spring it will be the new RAZR X Forged Irons that will make serious waves throughout the golf industry.  The new RAZR X Forged Irons are the latest forged offering from Callaway and they will replace the tired Forged X-Prototypes that achieved cult status amongst better players over the last few years.  Although I am not crazy about the “RAZR” name, from a technology and aesthetic standpoint the RAZR X Forged irons are nothing short of amazing.  From the thin topline to the higher heel and squared-off toe, these irons set up beautifully.  A narrow sole with a sharp leading edge and a shortened blade length makes this iron extremely versatile from a wide variety of turf conditions.  As far as feel is concerned, the RAZR X over delivers thanks in large part to the premium 1020 carbon steel and Callaway’s patented Triple Net Forging process which helps to ensure the tightest of tolerances which cannot be achieved through the standard forging process.  In an effort to combat the new groove rule, the RAZR X features Callaway’s Tour CC Grooves which maximize spin by tightly spacing up to 30% more conforming grooves.   The RAZR X Forged irons are stocked with Rifle Project X steel shafts, however more custom shafts options are available through Callaway.  So far, this is the iron we are the most excited for this season.  It is already being heavily played on the PGA Tour and it was recently awarded a Gold Medal in Golf Digest’s 2011 Hot List.  Pre-order your set from Budgetgolf.com for a mid-February ship date!!!

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  1. Pete says:

    I have to agree with you. The clubs look great, but why the “RAZR” name? The X-Prototypes were so successful due in large part to the prototype stamping. Less is more Callaway. Drop the silly name!

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