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Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Balls

If you are in the market for a high performance golf ball without the high performance price, look no further than the new Callaway HX Diablo Tour Golf Ball.  The HX Tour Diablo combines the technology from the HX Bite for control, spin and feel and it borrows the powerful distance of the HX Hot Plus.  This ideal combo gives you a ball that soars off of the tee and bites when it hits the greens.  This ball utilizies Callaway’s new Power Reaction Core which is firmer on the edges and gradually gets softer on the inside which helps to create less spin on drives and more spin on approach shots.  The HX Diablo also features Callaway’s patented HEX dimpe design which is used to reduce drag and offer unwavering performance in the wind.  For $25.95, you will not find a better performing golf ball.  We just got these in at our shop and I already grabbed a few dozen for myself, now the snow just needs to melt.

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