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Buy branded gloves made by established glove manufacturers

Although golf can be a pleasant way of spending your spare time and ensuring fitness, repeated swings, chips and driving will naturally take its toll on a player’s hands. Hard patches and blisters of skin are common amongst golfers. They highlight the importance of providing hands with necessary protection. The last thing you wish to see after a long round is sore and unattractive calluses.

An all-weather golf glove made out of synthetic material is probably the cheapest variety. It is a good choice in wintry and damp playing conditions as they tend to give a better grip.

At the higher end, there are thin leather gloves ideal for dry weather conditions as they offer the best possible grip on the club without any compromise on feel and comfort factor. There are synthetic/leather combinations as well, available online to choose from in the mid range budget.

You should ideally buy branded gloves made by established glove manufacturers. Among the more famous golf glove manufacturers are Mizuno, Nike, Wilson, Taylormaden Footjoy and Kasco. If you are not sure about your exact choice of glove, do not hesitate to speak to experts before making your purchase to avoid any hassles in the future.

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