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Best Golf Irons

There are a variety of golf irons available in the market. It is not important whether they are the best golf irons but what matters is that whether it is best for you. You must choose the club that will be suitable for your skill level and style. If you have a problem with your elbow, then it is better to use a graphite shaft and a rubber insert in the head in order to lessen the transmission of the force with the ball. The club head is the most critical part of the club. It is the part that makes contact with the ball. As a beginner you can consider an oversized head. They are built with deep cavity-back designs. They lower the centre of gravity so that you are able to hit the ball better. The two basic kinds of shaft are made of steel or graphite. Steel shafts are heavier but the graphite ones are easier to handle but are not as durable as their steel counterpart.

You must trial the golf irons before buying one. You can also tale your instructor along if you want to get expert opinion. There is no one size suits all clubs. You have to get the ones that suit you best

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