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Avoid Golf Comfort Zones

Many golf  players get restricted with their so-called comfort zones, which prevents them from scoring their optimum. The comfort zone creates a problem when players play better than they expect themselves to play. However, this happens only to ‘general’ players and not those who are professionals. Professional players are not restricted by their comfort zones. They know how to rise above it. Players need to break away from their mental barriers and get out of their comfort zone if they want to excel.

Professional golfers are successful because they know how to practice efficiently and are dedicated and focused towards perfection. They practice to improve their game continuously. This is in fact the first step develop confidence. If you want to break all restrictions, you must have a game plan and dedicatedly practice your swing. You must clear all preconceptions from your mind regarding what you can achieve and what you cannot.

To break your comfort zone and rise above it, you need to remove your self imposed restrictions. You need to first identify what is limiting you and break those unhealthy mental barriers that are hindering your success. Once you manage to do this, you can be rest assured that nothing will come between you and your success.

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