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All Play Pop Up Net

For those looking to practice their swing at home, look no further than the All Play Pop Up Net.  The All Play net is a great practice tool for golfers who want to want to practice their swing no matter the time of day. This extra-large net is super easy to set up and folds up quickly for easy storage.  Its durable, yet lightweight design makes it easy to transport and the shock corded support poles give the net added stability.  Not only is this net good for your practicing full swings, it is also very good for practicing your short game.  I have owned similar nets since I began playing the game, and I have found them to be very valuable for times when the driving range is closed or to loosen up before a quick twilight round.  Order an All Play Pop Up Net today and start shaving strokes off your game.

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  1. Ralph says:

    I ordered for my backyard, and the net works great! I use it when I can’t make it to the range or when I want to make a few swings before dinner. It is easy to set up and take down. Nice, sturdy construction as well. All in all, its a real nice product.

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