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Adams Dixx II Putter Review

Adams has putted their way into the training aid market with a great product! The Adams Dixx II blue putter is a great training device for the putting game. It is a computerized training system filled with information on a player’s swing path, impact, and face angle. There is a computerized chip that collects data on key factors such as swing motion and vibration levels. The Adams Dixx II putter analyzes and tracks the three key elements to a top notch short game. The technology is USGA approved and is sure to improve many short games!

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3 Responses to “Adams Dixx II Putter Review”

  1. paul says:

    what a great thing to have! thanks a bunch guys. cant hurt to try

  2. timm says:

    what a great training aid to have! i like it! thanks so much

  3. Matthew says:

    Great! Now I can finally keep track of my putting data so I know what to really focus on. It’s pretty amazing what is being offered now to make this crazy game get a little easier. Thanks Budget Golf for your great service and fast shipping.

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