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18 Things Only a Golfer Would Understand

Was the highlight of your trip to Las Vegas playing the course at the Wynn? Did you (secretly) help plan your honeymoon based on an article you read about the best destination golf courses? Does your newborn daughter have a teeny tiny set of golf clubs? If so, you just might be an avid golfer.

You’re the target of 5 AM eye-rolls when your alarm goes off and you jump out of bed for your 6 AM tee time… on a Sunday, and last weekend you completely wore out the rewind button on your remote control while watching the slow-motion replay of your favorite golfer’s swing.

It’s ok… we get it.

These are things that only someone who loves (and sometimes hates) golf would understand, and we want you to know… you’re not alone!

  1. It’s never too early to start loving golf


  2. It’s never too cold to golf


  3. Vehicle purchasing decisions are made based on whether or not it fits your gear

    18 things only a golfer would understand

  4. 6 AM on a Sunday IS sleeping in


  5. “Any putter” will simply just not donot-just-any-club-will-do

  6. It’s not a “rich man’s game”


  7. Your dreams are filled with fairways


  8. You actually group text pics of your attire


  9. Your Zen is on the green


  10. Slow-motion replay is your friend


  11. You’ve been told your attempts to share the love have gone too far… and you don’t care


  12. Some life lessons can only be learned on the golf course


  13. You can remember every shot on every hole you played that day… but you can’t remember to pick up milk on the way home


  14. Beauty is in the eye of the golfer


  15. Some days it’s a love/hate relationship


  16. Your dream course is just a [26 hour] car ride away


  17. There’s always the next round


  18. Vacation planning (including your honeymoon) revolves around the best golfing destinations



Provided by our wonderful Budget Golf fans, this is just a small glimpse into the often misunderstood—and sometimes even mocked—world of people who live to golf. Did you see yourself here? Have something to add? Head over to our Facebook page and share with us what makes YOU an avid golfer!

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