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GoSports Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

Get instant feedback on your form using the GoSports Golf Putting Alignment Mirror to gain the advantage on your short game! Conveniently tucks away in your golf bag so you can warm up and get in some practice swings before a round.

Putt Like the Pros:

The alignment guide provides you with feedback on everything you need to execute the perfect putt. The reflective surface coaches you on proper shoulder alignment, eyeline over the ball, and keeping a square face at impact for ultimate confidence on the green.

For Golfers of All Abilities:

The perfect ace in the hole for any golfer! Newcomers and veterans alike will get tons of use from this training aid. A majority of putts are off due to poor alignment, making the GoSports Alignment Mirror a must have for golfers of all abilities.


  • XL Mirror is 16"
  • Standard Mirror is 12"
  • Ensures proper ball alignment, club alignment, and setup position while promoting proper swing tempo
  • Ensures proper setup with your eyes over the ball and your shoulders aligned at the target
  • Ensures proper alignment at the target to practice hitting the ball square at impact
  • Insert Tees at front for 'gate drill' or towards the back for backswing control

GoSports Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

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GoSports Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

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