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Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Fairway
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Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Fairway


The XCG7 fairway wood is designed to produce an easy-launching, high trajectory with added forgiveness. The XCG7's custom 465 forged maraging steel cup face produces faster launch speed. The face is combo-brazed to the hyper-steel body to produce Exotics legendary performance.

The new inner cup face enhances spring & distance as a result of a new
construction method that eliminates excess material around the bonding
area of the face. The XCG7 fairway now reaches a very high CT level with the advent of this improved brazing technique and a new more dense custom 465 forged maraging cup face.

Maximizing distance, the Power Grid™ positioned directly behind the
hitting area creates an accordion effect and increased spring-effect by
flexing at impact. The Power Grid alternates in thickness from 0.5mm to
1.0mm, allowing the thinner dimple-slots to flex, producing a hotter launch.

Hexahedron sole weight pads are positioned back in the heel and toe to
increase MOI and maximize stability on off-center contact. Further enhancing stability, weight is removed from the rear center of the sole courtesy of a dual-step cavity. The cavity allows the extra weighting in the rear heel and toe to provide maximum forgiveness.

  • Designed to produce easy-launching, higher trajectory with added forgiveness
  • Custom 465 forged maraging steel cup face produces faster launch speeds
  • Revolutionary new combo-brazing method delivers greater spring-effect on all areas of the cup face
  • Hexahedron sole weight pads maximize stability and performance on off-center hits is an authorized online retailer

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