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below is a list of stock and custom shaft and grip options available.


Stock Shafts





True Temper XP 95 - R300 (Steel)

True Temper XP 95 - S300 (Steel)

Custom Shafts





FST KBS C-Taper LITE - X (Steel)

FST KBS C-Taper - X (Steel)

FST KBS C-Taper - S (Steel)

FST KBS C-Taper LITE - S (Steel)

FST KBS C-Taper LITE - R (Steel)

True Temper Project X - 5.0 (Steel)

True Temper Project X - 5.5 (Steel)

True Temper Dynamic Gold Superlite - R300 Steel

True Temper Dynamic Gold Superlite - S300 (Steel)

True Temper Project X - 6.0 (Steel)

True Temper Project X - 6.5 (Steel)

True Temper Dynamic Gold - X100 (Steel)

True Temper Dynamic Gold - S300 (Steel)

Orochi Tour Spec - R (Graphite)

Orochi Tour Spec - S (Graphite)

Orochi-L (Graphite)

Orochi-LL (Graphite)

True Temper XP 105 - R300 (Steel)

True Temper Dynamic Gold - R300 (Steel)

True Temper XP 105 - S300 (Steel)

Orochi-A (Graphite)

Orochi-R (Graphite)

FST KBS Tour - S (Steel)

FST KBS Tour - X (Steel)

Nippon NS Pro 1150 - S (Steel)

FST KBS Tour - R (Steel)

Nippon NS Pro 1150 - R (Steel)

Nippon NS Pro 950 - S (Steel)

Nippon NS Pro 950 - R (Steel)

True Temper XP 95 - R300 (Steel)

True Temper XP 95 - S300 (Steel)

True Temper XP 115 - R300 (Steel)

True Temper XP 115 - S300 (Steel)

FST KBS Tour 90 - R (Steel)

FST KBS Tour 90 - S (Steel)

Stock Grips



Multicompound Round Blue/Black - .60

Custom Grips



Mizuno M-31 360 - .58 Round

Multicompound Round Yellow/Black - .60

Mizuno M-31 360 Ladies - .62 Round

Mizuno M-31 360 - .60 Round

Tour Velvet 360 - .60 Round

Tour Velvet Jumbo - .60 Round

Tour Velvet Midsize - .60 Round

Multicompound Ribbed Blue/Black - .60

Multicompound Round Blue/Black - .60

Multicompound Round Red/Black - .60

Multicompound Midsize White/Black - .60 Round

Multicompound Round White/Black - .60

Tour Wrap 2G Black - .60 Round

Tour Velvet Black Full Cord - .58 Round

Tour Wrap 2G White - .60 Round

Tour Wrap 2G Midsize - .60 Round

Winn Mizuno Lady Excel 360 - .60 Round

Lamkin Crossline Black - .58 Round

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN "Mizuno" Blue - .60 Round

Winn Xi7 Mens - .58 Round

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Orange - .60 Round

M-31 360 Lady LADIES Limoncello - .62 Round

Mutlicompound Plus 4 Red - .60 Round

Mutlicompound Plus 4 Blue - .60 Round

Mutlicompound Plus 4 Grey - .60 Round

Mutlicompound Plus 4 Grey Midsize - .60 Round

Lamkin UTX Wrap Blue -.58 Round

Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN Black - .58 Round

Winn Dri Tac Wrap Dark Grey - .60 Round

Winn Dri Tac Wrap Dark Grey Midsize - .60 Round

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