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Medicus Purestrike Crush-It Weight Forward
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Medicus Purestrike Crush-It Weight Forward

Model #003687

PureStrike 5SK Crush-It

Keep Your Weight Forward Through Your Swing with Crush-It!

To go long, you need a weight-moving-forward swing. To achieve a Weight Forward Swing you must smoothly move your lower body weight onto your forward foot beginning at start-down and continuing until follow-through (all while maintaining a Steady Head). At "Address Position" weight should be evenly distributed on each foot; at "Impact" between 70 and 85% of your lower body weight is moved to your front foot; at "The Finish" 90 to 95 percent of your weight should be on your front foot.

With this swing, you keep a steady head but your lower body weight moves smoothly onto your forward foot. This movement starts at the top of your back swing and continues through impact where 70 to 85 percent of your weight is on your front foot. If you're falling back onto your rear foot, you're hitting "fat shots" into the water or sand hazard.

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