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Lamkin 2TEN Standard Lite Red/White/Blue Putter Grip

The Lamkin 2TEN Standard Lite Putter Grip allows durability to marry comfort for a seamless fit with the putter. The soft polymer outer layer keeps moisture out and forearms relaxed, to promote light grip pressure and minimize hand tension for smooth, consistent strokes. 2TEN putter grips are made of a proprietary, lightweight, soft (but not spongey soft) polyurethane that can be made in virtually any color. It comes in three sizes– Standard pistol, Midsize paddle and Oversized, the latter of which is called the Mega Lite. The grip material also has increased durability, accomplished through its thickness and density to last longer than traditional polyurethane used in other grips on the market. Because it is thicker, there is more material between the underlisting and surface layer. The Standard pistol grip provides consistency and feel for extra-smooth putting strokes every time. The Midsize paddle grip provides a uniform stroke with relaxed tension to minimize wrist breakdown. The extra-large Mega Lite weighs roughly 30 percent less than standard oversized grips to minimize hand pressure without adding weight. What makes the Mega Light new oversized grip so unique? It weighs just 80 grams, which is about the same as most standard-sized putter grips, so golfers who want to use it won't sacrifice feel during their putts. Oversize grips have become popular because they eliminate overuse of the hands during the putting stroke. This grip model is much lighter, a feat that was accomplished by significantly reducing the density of the underlisting. That density reduction translates into a grip that can be made larger yet still weigh the same as a conventional putter grip. Thus, a golfer can use less grip pressure, remove the hands and wrists from the putting stroke, and thus take a much more natural stroke to get the ball rolling on target quicker. And any player currently using a standard-sized putter grip can easily make the transition to this oversized model without sacrificing feel. The surface pattern works in conjunction with the dense material to help the golfer maintain complete control over the putter without having to squeeze too tight. The side is elegantly finished with a tight weave stitching.

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