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Product Details

Ecco Cedar Shoetree

  • Cedar shoe tree helps to keep shoes fresh
  • Constructed with high quality cedar
  • Spring loaded design
  • Preserves the shape of the shoes
  • Package Includes 2 Cedar Shoetrees

Mens sizing
39 (US Mens 5-5.5)
40 (US Mens 6-6.5)
41 (US Mens 7-7.5)
42 (US Mens 8-8.5)
43 (US Mens 9-9.5)
44 (US Mens 10-10.5)
45 (US Mens 11-11.5)
46 (US Mens 12-12.5)
47 (US Mens 13-13.5)

Ladies sizing    
36 (US Women's 5-5.5)
37 (US Women's 6-6.5)
38 (US Women's 7-7.5)
39 (US Women's 8-8.5)
40 (US Women's 9-9.5)
41 (US Women's 10-10.5)
42 (US Women's 11-11.5)

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