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Cleveland CG Black Fairway Wood
3-15 Stiff Right Hand , 3-15 Regular Right Hand , 3-15 Senior Right Hand , 4-16.5 Stiff Right Hand , 4-16.5 Regular Right Hand , 4-16.5 Senior Right Hand , 5-18 Stiff Right Hand , 5-18 Regular Right Hand , 5-18 Senior Right Hand , 7-20 Stiff Right Hand , 7-20 Regular Right Hand , 7-20 Senior Right Hand , 9-23 Stiff Right Hand , 9-23 Regular Right Hand , 9-23 Senior Right Hand
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Cleveland CG Black Fairway Wood

The CG Black Fairway utilizes lower swing MOI and lower center of gravity to increase launch angle and carry for Seniors and Women. Now also offered in more lofts than ever before so golfers can optimize their bag.

Improved CG Location

To achieve even greater distance, our engineers lowered the Center of Gravity and moved it closer to the club face to launch the ball higher with lower spin.

Variable Face Technology

The new CG Black woods feature an advanced face thickness to reduce the carry loss on off-center hits.

Low Swing MOI

By lowering the Swing MOI, CG Black products promote a pro-like swing, resulting in higher head speed and greater distance with the same swing effort.

Stock Shaft: Mitsubishi Bassara E45 is an authorized online retailer

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