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Arccos GPS Golf Stat Tracking System
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Arccos GPS Golf Stat Tracking System



Arccos is the easiest way to improve your game. Pair a sensor to each club just once. Then watch Arccos seamlessly capture your round data without disrupting your game. You'll get all your stats right in your hand, instantly. Arccos will enable you to make smarter choices right on the course, so you can have your best game, every game.

From club to cloud.

Arccos comes with a set of 14 sensors, one for every club. The sensors are so light that they have zero swing impact. Simply attach them to the grip end of your club and pair directly with the free iPhone app. After that, there's no need to tap, touch or interfere with your pre-swing routine. Arccos automatically captures every step of your golf game without interruption.

Arccos automatically tracks every shot, every distance, and every hole right on your iPhone without the need to take any other additional steps. Arccos uses GPS and Bluetooth technology to map your shots at a bird's eye view of the course. Just open the app and play. It's that simple.

Review your game, instantly.

Now is better than later. Arccos is the only product that tracks your game in real time so you can see specific stats and calculations right after your shot. Easily review your performance, club averages and shot distance while you're on the course, when it matters most.
Your courses, mapped universally.

The power to make smarter choices.

When you make decisions on the course, don't simply rely on habit, rely on data. Arccos calculates comprehensive stats for each club in your bag as you play, giving you the in-game opportunity to choose wisely and refine your game.


  • Includes 14 sensors, one for each club. No charging or additional equipment required.
  • Download the free iPhone app from the App Store or at Google Play for Android sytems. Compatible with the iPhone 4s and up.

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