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The all new C:25™ is designed for players looking for distance and soft feel, but also demand additional shot-stopping, greenside control. Traction Control Technology keeps the new C:25 on the club face longer and engages more grooves for superior spin control over similar multilayer golf balls.

1. Super-soft, High Velocity Core
The softest core in the game today utilizes advancements in rubber chemistry to maintain high initial velocity.

2. HPF Speed Mantle
The speed-generating HPF mantle encases the low compression core to generate higher spin.

3. Thin, Responsive Ionomer Cover
A thin, responsive ionomer cover provides premium feel with excellent scuff-resistance.

4. PhD Aerodynamics
Large, flat-bottomed, shallow dimples deliver a stable, penetrating ball flight.

5. Traction Control Technology

On the mulitlayer C:25, traction control integrates with the thin urethane to generate the highest spin possible off of club faces with the 25 deg of loft or more for ultimate shot-making and scoring.


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