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Trion:Z Active Bracelet
Trion:Z Active Bracelet
White Small 6.8" (17cm) , White Medium 7.6" (19cm) , White Large 8.4" (21cm) , Black Small 6.8" (17cm) , Black Medium 7.6" (19cm) , Black Large 8.4" (21cm) , Pink Small 6.8" (17cm) , Pink Medium 7.6" (19cm) , Pink Large 8.4" (21cm) , Orange Small 6.8" (17cm) , Orange Medium 7.6" (19cm) , Orange Large 8.4" (21cm)
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Trion:Z Active Bracelet

Active™ from Trion:Z takes water sports to the extreme! Active™ combines the negative ion and magnet technology that has made Trion:Z products so popular among professional athletes with a waterproof silicone band to be the perfect combination for active sports enthusiasts. Colorful, stylish and comfortable, the Active™ is sure to be a hit among young and old alike. The twin 1000 Gauss magnets in Alternating North-South Polarity Orientation (ANSPO™) provides increased magnetic ¬field flow. Its capsule generate abundant levels of negative ions. Energize your lifestyle with Active™ from Trion:Z.


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