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TaylorMade SLDR S Driver
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TaylorMade SLDR S Driver
Adjustment Wrench Included



We created the SLDR S driver for golfers who want the distance-enhancing benefits of a low-forward CG and the accuracy-enhancing advantages of our SLDR sliding weight, but don’t want to adjust the loft. SLDR S is offered in a variety of fixed loft options so you can find the one that helps generate the most distance-conducive launch conditions. And because SLDR S has no loft adjustability, you don’t have to pay for it. All that distance for a lower price? Yes, please.

  • Stunning modern classic shape with silver-satin crown
  • Low-forward CG promotes fast ball speed, high launch and low spin for phenomenal distance
  • Easy and intuitive SLDR sliding weight promotes up to 30 yards of shot-shape adjustment
  • Black button-back works with silver-satin for easy clubface alignment
  • Variety of high-loft options allowing you to “loft up” for more distance: 10°, 12°, 14°, 16°
  • Fujikura Speeder 57 shaft blends light weight with great feel and playability.

The distance of an SLDR driver is rooted in its low-forward CG location, which you’ll find in SLDR S, just like you’ll also find the revolutionary sliding weight in the sole that finds your desired shot shape.
Moving the CG forward is a monumental shift in metalwood thinking. For years it’s been accepted that low and back was the ideal CG location for a driver. However, long distance comes from combining fast ball speed, high launch-angle and low spin-rate. Turns out that moving the CG forward promotes more ball speed and less spin. From there, to launch the ball on a high enough angle to maximize distance, most golfers benefit from increasing their loft, some by as much two or three degrees, or even more

The SLDR weight also represents a complete reinvention of movable weight, making it more effective and easier to use.  Movable weight shifts the clubhead’s CG horizontally toward either the heel, to promote a draw, or toward the toe, to promote a fade. SLDR’s sliding weight allows you to shift the CG far enough to promote a side-to-side trajectory change of up to 30 yards.

The SLDR weight slides on the track and never comes loose from the clubhead. To slide the weight to any of the 21 positions on the track, simply loosen the screw, slide the weight, then tighten the screw. It takes as little as ten seconds. And the sole is marked with the words “fade” at the toe-end of the track and “draw” at the heel-end of the track to make it clear where you should position the weight to promote the shot-shape you want.
Aesthetically, SLDR S features the same beautiful, modern-classic shape as the rest of our SLDR drivers, along with our new satin-silver crown color with black button-back, making it one of the most visually appealing drivers we’ve made.

Choice of free SLDR S fairway or Rescue (subject to retailer availability) offered in same transaction as purchase of new SLDR S driver at full price and from an authorized and participating U.S. retailer 9/4/2014 - 11/6/14. Offer not applicable to previous purchases/back order items. Taxes or shipping and processing charges may apply. Void where prohibited. is an authorized online retailer

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