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Product Details

Blast Motion Golf Camera

Amplify your golf game with Blast Golf. Fire-up the Blast app’s BlastCam to record video of the action and the patented Smart Video Capture ™ technology will dynamically identify high-energy events to create Blast highlights, overlaid with your swing and putting metrics (swing speed, loft, lie, rotation change, and more).

The Blast Precision Motion Sensor attaches to the end of nearly any regulation driver or putter and uses Bluetooth® Smart technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet.

There's no need to alter your natural swing or putting stroke, and there are no power buttons or controls to get in your way. The Blast precision motion sensor knows when you’re moving and dynamically powers-up the sensor and engages the patented motion detection algorithms to capture your important 3D action metrics in real-time.

Capture video and track driver swings and putting strokes instantly, even store your performance metrics when the sensor is out of range and they’ll download to your smart phone or tablet as soon as you reconnect.

Easily share your highlights with your friends via Facebook, Twitter and E-mail with just one touch.

Make every move matter.

With Blast Golf, coaches, golfers and active life enthusiasts can gain the insights they need to improve their game, gain the competitive edge and show the world what they’ve achieved.

Product Features

  • Precision Motion Sensor easily and securely attaches to the grip of nearly any regulation putter or driver.
  • Connects to your iPhone, iPad or iPod via Low Energy Bluetooth.
  • Smart Video Capture tracks metrics while you play. Each swing or stroke is saved into your personal history individually as a shareable clip synced with stroke data.
  • Detect key events and identify trends by viewing stroke history
  • Capture driving swing or putting stroke metrics and detect key events like loft and lie, total stroke time and tempo
  • Track and store strokes even when sensor is out of range.
  • Instantly share your stats via Facebook, Twitter, and E-mail without leaving the Blast App.

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